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Whitestone Wellness Sports & Massage Therapy aims to provide our clients with exceptional massage therapy and sports injury wellness. We promote self-healing and overall well-being, always putting the needs and privacy of our clients first & foremost. Whitestone is dedicated to keeping our clients educated about their overall wellness, helping them make informed decisions and choices about their health and well-being!


Your health is more than a physical state: it's a balance and alignment between your emotional, mental and physical self. No matter where you are on the wellness scale, you can regain balance and wellbeing! Staying focused and consistent is key. And it's of utmost importance to regularly maintain your physical, emotional and mental wellbeing!


Holistic health is described as therapies that attempt to treat the whole person, instead of treating only the illness or dis-ease. It aspires to consider the person on all levels of their being; the mental, physical and emotional self. The practitioner will treat not only the symptoms, but the bodily system that is out of balance, and will attempt to strengthen the body as a whole. Balance is the key, and emphasis is placed on wellness and optimizing health, not on the ailment or dis-ease. Wellness is more than a physical condition, it is a mental attitude and a orientation to well-being!


Whether you are looking to find relief from chronic pain or stress, recovery from injury or imbalance, to enhance your athletic training, or to profit from the many benefits of massage, Whitestone can provide you with superior quality therapeutics! 


We make massage convenient, providing Deep Tissue & Sports Massage to the greater Portland area! Our office is in the accommodating SW neighborhood of Multnomah Village, on the corner of 34th St. and Capitol HWY., above Starbucks and Annastasia Salon!

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